Tag: αბц

  • αბц for Android (28 Aug 2015)
    Yesterday I upgraded to a Nexus 5 and thus today I decided to do something I haven’t tried in a while: coding a simple Android app. Other than the significant aesthetic overall Google undertook with Lollipop, over the last two years they’ve been working hard on their own dedicated IDE Android Studio. Thus it seems like a good time to dabble my toes in the Android world again.

  • αბц for OSX (17 Jul 2015)
    A few months ago I wrote about αბц (Alphabets, pronounced Alphabaytz), a simple alphabet learning application for iOS, focusing on the Georgian and Armenian alphabets. Well in a few days I’ll be landing in Western Georgia and taught it’d be a good idea to revisit this idea.

  • αბц - An Alphabet Learning Tool (06 Feb 2015)
    Last month I started learning the Georgian alphabet using this course on Memrise. However, one of my issues with this community-built course was that the Georgian letters were low-quality, pixelated images, while I longed for a way to practically test my knowledge of combinations of these letters in a non-intimidating manner.