Tag: Deklinator

  • Deklinator Early Prototype Screenshots (02 Apr 2017)
    Here are some screenshots of Deklinator, a very early prototype of a Declension-based game for learning polish. The game can be played here.

  • Deklinator - A Polish Declension App (01 Dec 2016)
    On the bus home last Sunday night I had the idea of creating a simple App to help test my knowledge of the different polish declensions for nouns. Between masculine personal and non-personal, and hard and soft endings, I realized that I really only know half the picture when it comes to declension (that is, what I can transfer over from Russian). Hence I threw together the following simple proof of concept:

  • Aspector / Conjugator (29 Jun 2015)
    A few months back I spoke about Declinator, an application game for testing one’s command of the various noun and adjective declinations for Russian. Today I want to introduce Aspector and Conjugator, two impromptu applications I have just created.

  • A Declension Game Idea (09 Feb 2015)
    On Friday I spoke about αბц, an alphabet learning application I created to help me learn the Georgian alphabet. However, αბц isn’t the only application I’ve designed to aid language learning, and Declinator is one such other example.