Tag: FiftyFifty

  • Fifty-Fifty Devlog (31 Aug 2018)
    It is almost seven months since I released an early-access version of Pół na pół for testing, while Caoga caoga has been out on the App Store and Google Play for almost six months. Since then, Caoga caoga has been downloaded much more than I imagined (over 3000 times on Google Play and 1000 times on the AppStore) and I’ve received a lot of feedback. Although Der Die Das, Konjugator etc. have been the priority the last couple of months, I’ve implemented some new features in Fifty-Fifty which I’ll discuss in this long overdue devlog.

  • Talk & Play #30 (13 Mar 2018)
    This evening I attended Talk & Play where I had Caoga caoga, Fifty-Fifty and Pół na pół available for testing, along with an early prototype of Der Die Das.