Tag: Gen

  • Gen Tutorial 4 - GenExpr (04 Oct 2013)
    In the sidebar on the right of Gen you may have noticed a section called ‘code’.

  • Gen Tutorial 3 - Subpatching and Buffers (03 Oct 2013)
    Subpatchers and abstraction in Gen objects behave practically identically to standard Max subpatchers and abstractions. In Gen objects, subpatchers are created with the Gen operator.

  • Gen Tutorial 2 - More Gen Operators and a Simple Delay (02 Oct 2013)
    Yesterday we created our own [+~] and a simple crossfader in Gen. Today we are going to look at more Gen operators to build a simple delay object. Gen contains Mathematical (+, -, * etc.), Logical (!, &&), Comparative (==, >), and range and routing operators as found in Max. Some very useful, but potentially confusing, operators are clip, fold, scale, and wrap.

  • Gen Tutorial 1 - A Friendly Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (01 Oct 2013)
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the mathematical manipulation of an information signal to modify it in some way. An audio waveform is represented digitally by breaking it up into a certain number of samples per second, at a certain bit resolution (i.e. 44100 samples per second at 16 bit quality). All these sampled amplitude points are stored in a floating point array, and can be manipulated accordingly. If any of this seems unfamiliar, please consult this great introduction to digital audio.