Tag: IntelBuzzWorkshop

  • Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin (01 Feb 2018)
    Today I attended the 2018 Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin at Booster Space. Unfortunately only PC games were eligible to showcase so I couldn’t submit Caoga caoga, nevertheless it was interesting as ever to attend this free one-day workshop.

  • GIC Poznań (06 Oct 2017)
    Today I attended the 2017 edition of GIC Poznań, which also included an Intel® Buzz Workshop hosted by Booster Space, Berlin.

  • Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin (14 Oct 2016)
    Today I attended the 2016 Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin at Booster Space. The day-long event was dominated by VR, but luckily there were a few other topics such as Generative Storytelling, Diversity and Game Marketing.