Tag: PureData

  • Making iOS Music Apps with Pure Data (libpd) and Swift (22 Sep 2015)
    Pure Data is an open source graphical programming language for real-time audio, video and graphical processing. Since the releases of a C library (and wrapped in Objective-C for iOS) a few years back, numerous applications such as RjDjNinja Jamm etc. have been released utilizing the library. 

  • Learning libPD for iOS (07 May 2015)
    Want to make musical apps for iOS? Then check out this excellent how-to-series from Rafael Hernandez.

  • A New Coat of Paint for Pd (14 Nov 2014)
    Since the release of Max 5, Pd’s interface has been looking increasingly outdated. Here is a small library of GUI objects and also a TCL color scheme plugin currently under development by Gilberto Agostinho.