Tag: SpriteKit

  • WWDC 2018: Is SpriteKit Dead? (05 Jun 2018)
    WWDC 2018 kicked off yesterday evening with an emphasis on AR (Augmented Reality), and a surprisingly on-stage demo of Unity, one of Apple’s main Game Engine competitors. With decreasing focus at WWDC throughout the years, and increased partnership with Unity, is SpriteKit dying a slow death?

  • Unity or SpriteKit for 2D iOS Game Development? (09 Nov 2017)

    Images courtesy of Apple, Microsoft and Unity respectively.

  • Making an SKLabelNode Clickable (02 Dec 2015)
    One of the limitations of SpriteKit over other Game Engines and Frameworks is that it comes without any User Interaction elements built in, while it is expensive (and potentially dangerous - but more on that in the future) in mixing UIKit and presenting different views.

  • Designing SpriteKit Scenes Visually in Xcode 7 (but keeping support for iOS8) (03 Nov 2015)
    The new and improved SpriteKit Editor in Xcode 7 brings a whole host of new features that greatly aid the development project of visually designing games and projects that use SpriteKit. This post will consider three of these key features, and approaches to keep support for iOS8.