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  • WWDC 2018: Is SpriteKit Dead? (05 Jun 2018)
    WWDC 2018 kicked off yesterday evening with an emphasis on AR (Augmented Reality), and a surprisingly on-stage demo of Unity, one of Apple’s main Game Engine competitors. With decreasing focus at WWDC throughout the years, and increased partnership with Unity, is SpriteKit dying a slow death?

  • Missed out on the Seventh Generation of Gaming? 2018 is the Perfect Time to Buy a PS3! (11 May 2018)
    With the PS4 entering the final phase of its lifecycle, mobile gaming financially eclipsing home gaming and already talks of PS5 and the next generation of video gaming, one would expect the PS3, a console originally released in 2006, to be irrelevant in 2018. However, if, like me, you missed out on the seventh generation of video Gaming, then 2018 is the perfect time to buy a PS3! Let me explain why.

  • Unity or SpriteKit for 2D iOS Game Development? (09 Nov 2017)

    Images courtesy of Apple, Microsoft and Unity respectively.

  • Duolingo's Health System: To Discourage Binge Playing or a Blatant Paywall? (17 Jun 2017)
    Today on the train I opened up a previously updated version of Duolingo on my iPad and was presented with their new monetization model: ads, subscriptions and In-App purchases of in-game currency Gems. Although I haven’t really been actively using the platform since the start of 2016, I am aware that they need to start funding themselves so that the project can become self-sustainable for the future.