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  • Waiting Until all jQuery AJAX Request are Successfully Completed (17 Dec 2013)
    One of the issue with the current version of the DNPT (Deutsch Nomen Plural Test) is that it loads the singular words, plural words, and their English equivalent from file, but if there is a delay, then the page is rendered regardlessly, and init function called. Luckily, it is really easily to wait until a method (or request) is successfully completed.

  • Today I did some bug fixes and improves on DPNT (13 Dec 2013)
    Today I did some bug fixes and improves on DPNT (yes, I know, I need to come up with a better name…). First thing was to implement a randomized pattern for the questions to follow (so they don’t repeat), as seen in Bratacha. Each game is presently limited to ten questions, after which the user’s score is displayed, and they are returned to the main screen.

  • Willkommen bei DPNT!! (12 Dec 2013)
    Today I merged the writing and button-pressing versions of the German plural app into a single DPNT (Deutsch Plural Nomen Test) application. Firstly, the main page (index.html) allows the player to play either game, or to get information on the app

  • More on the German Plurals App (11 Dec 2013)
    Yesterday I talked about a simple Web App to test one’s ability on forming the plural of German Nouns. Recall, that I foresaw two possible implementations:
    1. The application displays a word, say Buch, the the user needs to type in the correct answer, in this case Bücher.
    2. The application displays a word, again Buch, and the user has the option of choosing the correct answer from, say, four answers, three of which are incorrect. So, Buch, Buchs, Buchen, and Bücher.

  • German Plurals App (10 Dec 2013)
    Other than knowing the correct gender of a noun in German, one of the other difficulties is knowing how to form its plural! This, at least to me, seems more complicated than in English, French, or Russian. Der Die Das is a great application to know the test the gender of a noun, while apps like Babel and (potentially) Memrise state the article when studying a new noun.