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  • blockNect (24 Feb 2012)
    blockNect is an multi-purpose interactive interface, realized using Microsoft’s Kinect camera and computer vision, developed along with Thibault Lelievre and Philo van Kemenade as the group Computer Vision assignment for Parag Mital as part of Workshops in Creative Coding 2. Colored blocks are placed on an arbitrary sized chess board, where the block’s can be manipulated by the user. Each color block corresponds to a separate entity, while stacked blocks merge together to form single blocks. This affords the user three separate degrees of freedom; x, y-coordinates and height. This was realized as an eight-step sequencer where different colored blocks would relate to different instrumentation (such as drums, keyboard, bass), and the height to volume.

  • Fractal Flame (16 Dec 2011)

  • Shapes (30 Nov 2011)