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  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE between iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 (20 Feb 2015)
    While studying my MFA, I designed the application kontrolr so that I could control Ableton Live and Max for Live modules directly using MIDI from my iPad and a MIDI-USB cable. Although this functions perfectly fine, and is better than OSC and a wireless router or WAP, the cable is somewhat inconvenient I must admit. Since the announcement of Bluetooth LE and iOS 7, I’ve been meaning to add MIDI over Bluetooth support, but never got the chance. Today I was browsing through WWDC 2014 topics and discovered Core Audio updates which actually effortless allow MIDI over Bluetooth LE between iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 devices.

  • DJing using Mixxx + Ableton Live + Kontrolr (09 Oct 2013)
    Mixxx is an awesome Open-Source DJ software, and a major rival to Virtual DJ and Traktor from what I’ve heard. So today I decided to try experimenting with it.

  • Introducing kontrolr (22 Sep 2013)
    kontrolr (stylized with a lower case ‘k’) is an iOS MIDI controller application. Physically, kontrolr sends MIDI data to a device via the Lightning-USB Camera Adapter1 and a USB-MIDI cable2. MIDI data has the benefit over OSC that firstly no network connection is needed, hence no router and dependency on wireless transmissions, and secondly, that no OSC to MIDI program (i.e. OSCulator3) is necessary for controlling DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), again removing a potential layer of error.