Tag: LiAMP

  • M4L and User 1 Mode on the Launchpad (26 Jul 2014)
    Last year while undertaking my MFA in Live Audiovisual performance, I developed a set of Max for Live modules to facilitate my final performance, one of which was a monome-style emulator, such that the top row would have a flashing right light through the cells to specify the current beat. In the v0.01 beta of LiAMP, LiAMP.Controller.Launchpad.Monome was released with the note “Presently over-rides any cell in the top row”, while User1 mode wasn’t functioning at all.

  • DJing using a Launchpad Part II (25 Jul 2014)
    Continuing on from yesterdays discussion about DJing using Live and a Launchpad, after some inspiration from the Cycling ‘74 forums I implemented the radio buttons using simple max objects as opposed to scripting.

  • DJ Using Only a Launchpad (24 Jul 2014)
    Today I started to prepare a new DJ set in Ableton and I began to think, can a traditional DJ set be solely performed using a Launchpad?

  • Introducing LiAMP (23 Sep 2013)
    LiAMP (Live Algorithms for Musical Performance) is a modular Max for Live package which deviates from solely utilizing programming environments for Live Algorithms, and instead embraces the added benefits of using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The package consists of Max for Live modules which function as the ‘brain’ of the Live Algorithms paradigm, while Live acts as the listener and performer elements. The package may be subdivided into four main sections; Communication, Instruments, Composition, and External Controllers.