A fun German vocabulary learning game.

Fünfzig-Fünfzig is a fun German vocabulary learning game where beginners of all ages learn vocabulary by associating words with descriptive images.

  • 24 topics with over 450 words for A1/A2 and B1 CERF language learners.
  • Five fun word-image games: Fifty-Fifty, Multiple Choice, Matching, Spelling and DerDieDas.
  • Pronunciation recordings.
  • Bite-sized lessons which can be completed on the go or fitted into a busy schedule.
  • 100% free, no ads and works offline.

Fünfzig-Fünfzig is presently in development. If you would like to join the early access testing phase, then please sign up below!

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Special thanks to ResponsiveVoice’s speech synthesis. A full list of credits can be viewed here.