Tag: Jitter

  • DVJing using Live + VIZZable (28 Nov 2013)
    Yesterday I talked about VJing using VIZZable and Live, mainly concentrating on the new features in version 2.1, notably the ability to trigger video clips in session mode. Recall, previously video clips could be arranged only in arrangement view. However, with the new [clipPlayer(audio)] module, video clips can be placed on Live’s clip slots, and triggered like standard audio clips. Moreover, these video clips can be edited and warped, again as per normal audio clips. Following from Zeal’s video in which he demonstrates this, I wanted to mess about with this new feature, and see how viable it would be for live performance.

  • VJing using VIZZable and Live (27 Nov 2013)
    VIZZable is a Max for Live suite for video manipulation and live performance in Ableton Live 9. Originally based on Cycling ‘74’s VIZZIE package, in it’s latest version, VIZZable has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of Cycling ‘74’s new environment Gen, facilitating very fast and efficient video processing on the GPU.

  • VJing using VIZZIE (26 Nov 2013)
    Cycling 74’s Vizzie is a collection of interactive Jitter objects, in essence bpatchers. To use Vizzie, first create a new patcher and then add modules by right clicking then Paste From -> VIZZIE-CLIPPINGS

  • Image Masher! (25 Sep 2013)
    Today we are proud to announce the release of Image Masher!, a Postdigital art generator and an Image Masher. The application takes four images as inputs, and then conducts effects on pairs of these images, resulting in two new images, which in turn are manipulated to generate a single ‘mashed’ output. This application was used to construct the collection Election (2011), and the artwork for Strawberry Complexity‘s debut EP This is Pop Music (2010).

  • Introducing LiVid.m4l (24 Sep 2013)
    LiVid.m4l is a Max for Live package for live video performance, constructed in a similar manner to LiAMP. Although VIZZable exists which is a great kool for live DVJ sets, for Live Video Art I wished to use LiVid, a live video performance system developed for Max, which had been been robust during a tour of П. Thus LiVid.m4l is a converted and improved version of LiVid.