Tag: Processing

  • Processing 3 + Android 6.0 (29 Aug 2015)
    So continuing some Android adventures, this morning I wanted to test the new Processing 3 with Android Marshmallow. As Processing is written in Java, Processing and Android have always been good friends, but I was surprised to find out that they seem to work better now than ever before!

  • Custom Databending Effect in Processing (15 Jan 2014)
    This evening I didn’t feel like doing homework, so I decided to implement the databending effect (from my MFA show) in Processing (with a view to a future Android application). This databending effect stems from an error in precision in [jit.la.inverse] in Max, resulting in error matrices which can be added or subtracted from images to simulate the databent effect.

  • Twitter + Processing + OSC (15 Apr 2013)
    Have you ever wanted to integrate Twitter inside Processing? Using twitter4J, this can be easily achieved within 5 minutes! Firstly head to developer.twitter.com, log in, go to ‘My Applications’ and create a new application. You should then see a screen as follows: