VIZZable is a Max for Live suite for video manipulation and live performance in Ableton Live 9. Originally based on Cycling ‘74’s VIZZIE package, in it’s latest version, VIZZable has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of Cycling ‘74’s new environment Gen, facilitating very fast and efficient video processing on the GPU.

The beauty in VIZZable is it’s simplicity. As demonstrated by the developer in the video above, all one needs to do is download VIZZable, add the folder to Live, and can then one can easily drag and drop players and effects onto Live’s tracks. VIZZable is a great tool for VJing, and in version 2.1 has some really exciting features!

Firstly, you might not be aware that videos can not only be played in Live, but also edited and warped.

These videos can be arranged in the Arrangement view, however currently (as of Live 9.1) cannot be triggered in the Session view. Luckily, VIZZable now supports the playing of video clips in Session view via the clipPlayer(audio) module.

Syphon support is also included, so input from another source (VDMX, Mad Mapper, ResolumeopenFrameworks, Quarz Composer, Processing, Pd etc.) can be routed through VIZZable and Live, or VIZZable can be outputted to one of these applications.

VIZZable v2.1 requires Ableton Live 9 (32 bit only) and Max for Live 6.13.  Windows users also need the 32 bit version of Quicktime. To keep up-to-date with developments in VIZZable, and in general Jitter within Max for Live, join the Jitter in Max 4 Live forum.