Tappy Plane is a Flappy Bird style endless runner in which the player taps the screen to fly their plane in between obstacles, thus earning coins which can be used to unlock other planes and levels. The project was created for educational purposes as part of my #GameInAWeek challenge and is released freely under an MIT license. This project may be quite useful for those looking for a starting point in creating an endless runner in Unity for mobile. Source


What’s Included

  • Gameplay speed increases with time.
  • Game settings are saved to disk.
  • Locailzation implemented throughout.
  • Audio Manager.
  • In-App currency and In-App Store.
  • Unity Ads.
  • Optimized assets (Sprite Packer).
  • iOS Launch Screen.

Play Online

The game can be played in the browser here.


Although the endless runner market is quite saturated, this project shows that, from an implementation point of view, such a game is very straightforward to develop. With a unique idea and artstyle, this prototype could be fleshed out into a full game.

Further Reading

  • A full list of credits can be found in Credits.txt.
  • A number of principles utilized in this project are explained in more detail in various #50-Unity-Tips articles.