Idle Capitalist is an idle clicker game inspired by AdVenture Capitalist in which the player invests funds into certain businesses to generate revenue. The project was created for educational purposes as part of my #GameInAWeek challenge and is released freely under an MIT license. This project may be quite useful for those looking for a starting point in creating an idle game in Unity for mobile. Source


What’s Included

  • Business, Manager, and Update data are stored as customs assets.
  • Modular approach in which new businesses, managers or updates can easily be added.
  • Player data is saved to disk (via Binary Serialization).
  • Locailzation implemented throughout.
  • Optimized assets (Sprite Packer).
  • iOS Launch Screen.
  • A complete write-up of the game design can be found in GameDesignDocument.pdf.

Play Online

The game can be played in the browser here.


Although the mathematics of idle games are quite complex, and game balancing wasn’t even considered due to time constraints, from an implementation point of view, Idle Capitalist is quite a well-functioning idle clicker. This prototype could easily be extended to form a full game.

Further Reading