Since launching Caoga caoga, I’ve been working on Der Die Das, a fun German article game in which the player tries to guess the correct article for a set of nouns. Although the game is still in the early prototype stage, it is ready for feedback so I’ll be posting discussions to Duolingo and Reddit with a link to an online playable version for feedback.

  • Contains 350 nouns adhering to the Goethe-Institut A1 examination, separated into 7 groups of 50.
  • Words are pronounced uses speech synthesis.
  • Each correct answer earns one point. A false answer resets the score to zero.
  • Various tips to recognize articles for certain nouns are included.
  • Progress and difficult nouns can be viewed from a list overview.

Der Die Das is not designed to teach vocabulary. There are presently no plans to include English (or other language) translations for the German nouns.

For only a few days work, Der Die Das is already fun to play and definitely has potential. Some issues like nouns with one or more articles need to be figured out, but more or less the core game mechanics are developed. Will be interesting to see what feedback I receive!