I haven’t posted a Devlog for Der Die Das in almost two months, so here’s a quick summation of what has changed.

  • After the player has complete a round, a popup is displayed prompting the player to select another level, if they so wish.
  • Tips can now be disabled and enabled from the settings menu.
  • New scoring mechanism: each incorrect answer reduces the player’s score by 1 instead of resetting to 0.
  • Localized to English, German and Polish. More languages may come in the future, depending on player feedback.
  • Optimized display for iPhoneX and 18:9 aspect ratio Android phones.
  • 400 nouns adhering to Goethe’s A2 level examination have been added, while the B1 noun list has more or less been fixed (1000 nouns over two levels). Adding these new nouns is actually more time consuming than one would imagine, as all nouns need to be checked if they could be potentially ambiguous (i.e. der See/die See), if so a custom example sentence needs to be written, while tips are assigned to as many nouns as possible. B1 will be added before the end of the month.

The latest version of Der Die Das can be played here. Next week I will begin the early access (testing phase) on iOS and Android - sign up here!