Today I got around to implementing some ideas I’ve been thinking about for a while, and what players reinforced during testing at Talk & Play on Tuesday.

Firstly, the player can now choose between 10, 25 or 50 questions per round. Secondly, there is now the option of either pausing after each answer, or automatically continuing to the next question.

On the paused screen (right), the player also has the option of hearing the word again, if they so like, while I feel the settings screen (left) is now much better organized.

Presently I am toying with the idea of including a time-challenge mode. I think this could work quite well within the context of Der Die Das, however the game presently doesn’t really offer the player any incentive to obtain a high score so this is something I need to work on first.

Another thing that I’m not sure about is the home symbol on the settings screen. To me this makes perfect sense to go back, I wonder if the game would be better served with a Play button as per Welcome Screen and the popup after a round is complete.

Der Die Das is presently in open beta - download the game now for Android or iOS here!