Today I gave a talk Unity Tools Programming: Start Improving Your Workflow at GIC Poznań. The talk, although a general introduction on coding editor tools, was for all Unity users, with code snippets kept to a minimum, and gifs and photos used to visually represent the effects of said code.

One area of Unity programming that often gets overlooked is the development of tools which help improve the developer’s or the team’s workflow. Well laid-out inspector windows are easier for everyone to use, buttons can easily automate and replace tedious manual assignments, while images in certain folders can be post-processed with additional settings. Learn about these custom tools and more in a talk which will help you start improving your Unity workflow. Future you and your team will thank you!

As this was the first talk that I’ve given at a gaming conference, I was a little nervous beforehand, especially when a show of hands indicated that 95+% of the attendees were developers. To my relief, no one booed me off the stage, and instead I received a very loud applause at the end, perhaps in no small part to ending with dziękuję bardzo! There were many questions too, in fact so many that after the talk a group of developers and I needed to leave the room in order to continue the conversation.

GIC used Attendify to allow attendees to rate the talks. From 12 reviews, I received a score of 4/5 which I was very happy with.

The full presentation and code can be found here.