When we create a new Flutter project, the standard starter app, in which the user can click a button and the onscreen count text is updated, is generated. Although this is a nice introduction to Flutter and hot reloading, I always find myself needing to delete most of this boilerplate code or starting from scratch. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someway to easily create an Hello World code snippet for main.dart?

In VS Code open the Command Palette (CMD + SHIFT + P), type “snippets” and select Preferences: Configure User Snippets

Lets create a new global dart snippet (saved to/modifies ~Library/Application Support/Code/User/snippets/dart.json) so that when we type a term (e.g. hello_world) and press return, a code snippet will be inserted automatically.

Copy and paste the following snippet declaration:

"Flutter-HelloWorld" : {
	"prefix": "hello_world",
	"body": [
		"import 'package:flutter/material.dart';",
		"void main() => runApp(MyApp());",
		"class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {",
			"\tWidget build(BuildContext context) {",
				"\t\treturn MaterialApp(",
					"\t\t\ttitle: 'Welcome to Flutter',",
					"\t\t\thome: Scaffold(",
						"\t\t\t\tappBar: AppBar(",
							"\t\t\t\t\ttitle: Text('Welcome to Flutter'),",
						"\t\t\t\tbody: Center(",
							"\t\t\t\t\tchild: Text('Hello World'),",
	"description": "Flutter: Hello World lib/main.dart."

Now this snippet can be easily used by typing hello_world and entering return within any dart file.

Note that tabs (\t) are used to properly format the code. Maybe there is an easier way of achieving this, I’m still pretty new to VS Code :)

Although Flutter has some built in code snippets in VS Code (for instance stless generates a StatelessWidget), consider adding the Awesome Flutter Snippets extension by Nash Ramdial for many more!

For an overview of Flutter key bindings in VS Code take a look here, while this post by Ganesh .s.p is a great overview of shortcuts within VS Code for Flutter devs (macOS users can generally substitute CMD for CTRL).

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