A simple weather app inspired by flutter_weather by Felix Angelov. Image assets by icons8.

As the background uses a gradient, the above gif didn’t come out too well. Here are some still screenshots:


  • The app uses the metaweather API, specifically:
    • /api/location/search/?query=$city to determine a locationId for a given city
    • /api/location/$locationId to determine the weather for a given locationId
  • Although a forecast for the forthcoming days is returned, only today’s weather is considered.
  • lib/models/weather_model is a model of a weather forecast.
  • lib/services/weather_service is a service which handles weather requests.
  • WeatherService returns a json results which is (manually) deserialized into a Weather model. Note that there is no error handling for an active internet connection.
  • The app’s widget tree is pretty simple:
  • NavigationDrawer is a drawer where the user can select a city. This state then needs to be passed to HomeScreen so that a weather forecast can be requested and displayed. Although this could be achieved by setting HomeScreen to be stateful and passing a callback to NavigationDrawer, I decided to use provider due to its ability to decouple these widget in an intuitive manner.


  • The json_serializable package can auto-generate an object’s serialization/deserialization code.



Flutter: State Management

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