A simple QR code scanning app built in Flutter.

The goals of this project were:

  • to scan a QR code and resolve it to a url
  • to open a url in the device’s browser
  • to render the app using the Cupertino iOS theme
  • to investigate swift and kotlin as native languages over objective-c and java

The following QR codes resolves to a link flutter.dev (left) or to a string Flutter is cool (right):


  • HomeScreen is stateful and renders its contents depending on the enum HomeScreenStateType:
    • initially a scan button is presented
    • if a QR code was successfully scanned and converted to a valid url link, the link is displayed onscreen with the option to open it using the device’s browser
    • if QR code’s converted text isn’t a valid url, an error message is displayed


  • URL validity is checked using a regexp. Another approach could be using http package to load the page and check the response code.




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