A simple app inspired by the first page of Slack’s onboarding.

The goals of this project were:

  • to create an adaptive UI using proportional widths, heights and font sizes
  • to explore basic animations for widgets like fade-in and slide-down


  • The onboarding page is divided into three sections, top, middle and bottom, whose elements sizes are proportional to the screen width and height, and animate according to a specified timeline.
  • The chat bubbles are created using the bubble package by Victor Dunaev, with avatar assets by kubanek. The chat message is simply created using a filled container with circular border radius.


  • By considering proportional widths and heights for widgets and proportional font sizes, it is possible to to adapt to devices of different resolutions and aspect ratios:
iPhone 5s iPhone XS Max
640×1136 (9:16) 1242x2688 (9:19.5)
  • Although this approach also works for iPad in portrait, practically a separate design would generally be needed as the elements would be far too big.
  • It does not seem to be possible to animate a column (see bottom_section), or maybe I missed something?
  • With regard to project structure, /configs seems like a better place for constants than /utils.



People wearing accesories avatar collection vector created by kubanek - www.freepik.com

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