A simple GitHub Jobs client written in Flutter.

The goal of this project were:

  • to use Provider v3 (especially ProxyProvider) for dependency injection
  • to render HTML text as Flutter widgets

Color scheme taken from GitHub Desktop Client.


  • State management is handled using a global state AppState and Provider.
  • An implementation of IJobService is injected into AppState.
  • HomeScreen displays a list of job results using a given description and location.
    • Description and location text fields change focus by listening to onSubmitted.
  • JobScreen displays info about a given job, clicking on urls opens the browser.


  • The service locator get_it has its uses but these service singletons can be accessed by any class throughout the project. I would much prefer constructor injection.
  • After investigating kiwi and inject, I feel that Provider is currently the best dependency injection solution, at least in my case for small projects.
  • I’ve never actually used the didChangeDependencies callback before, definitely best place to assign appState in HomeScreenState.
  • TextField: onEditingComplete is called before onSubmitted, however the documentation states that

    onSubmitted can be used to manually move focus to another input widget when a user finishes with the currently focused input widget

  • For some reason url_launcher does not seem to work with mailto:test@test.de.


GitHub Jobs

Flutter API - EditableText

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