A simple Shogi Castle app built using Flutter.

Information on castles taken from wikipedia.


  • HomeScreen displays a list of shogi castle names, taping on a name opens CastleScreen displaying the chosen castle.
  • ShogiBoard renders a game board with a List<Position> of game pieces. BoardCell renders a cell of the board, and the game piece on top, if applicable.


  • Most of this code could be self-contained within its own package, especially as there is presently no shogi board package on pub.dev. One thing that would need to be worked on is promoted pieces.
  • As there doesn’t seem to be any type of shogi castle app presently available, this could be an interesting project to work on.
  • Instead of using CastleProvider, it would be much easier to supply positions as an array of strings, and then create a list of positions using a utility method. These positions should also be ion normal notation (that is, not index 0-8 notation).
      name: "Yagura",
      positions: [

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