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  • Making an SKLabelNode Clickable (02 Dec 2015)
    One of the limitations of SpriteKit over other Game Engines and Frameworks is that it comes without any User Interaction elements built in, while it is expensive (and potentially dangerous - but more on that in the future) in mixing UIKit and presenting different views.

  • An introduction to 3D Graphics with Metal in Swift (20 Nov 2015)

  • Designing SpriteKit Scenes Visually in Xcode 7 (but keeping support for iOS8) (03 Nov 2015)
    The new and improved SpriteKit Editor in Xcode 7 brings a whole host of new features that greatly aid the development project of visually designing games and projects that use SpriteKit. This post will consider three of these key features, and approaches to keep support for iOS8.

  • Making iOS Music Apps with AudioKit (Csound) and Swift (23 Sep 2015)
    Following on from yesterday’s quick tutorial on integrating Pure Data (libpd) into iOS applications coded in Swift, today we will look at AudioKit, an open-source Csound-based audio library whose goal is to be the easiest possible audio platform for musicians and developers to adopt.

  • Making iOS Music Apps with Pure Data (libpd) and Swift (22 Sep 2015)
    Pure Data is an open source graphical programming language for real-time audio, video and graphical processing. Since the releases of a C library (and wrapped in Objective-C for iOS) a few years back, numerous applications such as RjDjNinja Jamm etc. have been released utilizing the library. 

  • Upgrading Swift Projects from Xcode 6 to Xcode 7 (20 Sep 2015)
    With the official release of Xcode 7 and Swift 2 along with iOS9 last week comes the process of needing to upgrade Xcode 6 projects to Xcode 7, but more importantly, changes in the Swift language.

  • αბц for OSX (17 Jul 2015)
    A few months ago I wrote about αბц (Alphabets, pronounced Alphabaytz), a simple alphabet learning application for iOS, focusing on the Georgian and Armenian alphabets. Well in a few days I’ll be landing in Western Georgia and taught it’d be a good idea to revisit this idea.

  • Determining an Algorithm for Conjugating Russian Verbs (contd.) (13 Jul 2015)
    Continuing on from Friday’s discussion of a basic algorithm to conjugate Russian verbs, today let’s discover how robust it actually is. Considering the verbs водить, делать, думать, ездить, жениться, жить, иметь, использовать and читать, we have the following output:

  • Determining an Algorithm for Conjugating Russian Verbs (10 Jul 2015)
    A few days ago I spoke about a game-application for testing the conjugation of Russian verbs, noting the need for either a large database of conjugated verbs, or an algorithm. Well today I investigated the feasibility of such an algorithm.

  • Aspector / Conjugator (29 Jun 2015)
    A few months back I spoke about Declinator, an application game for testing one’s command of the various noun and adjective declinations for Russian. Today I want to introduce Aspector and Conjugator, two impromptu applications I have just created.

  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE between iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 (20 Feb 2015)
    While studying my MFA, I designed the application kontrolr so that I could control Ableton Live and Max for Live modules directly using MIDI from my iPad and a MIDI-USB cable. Although this functions perfectly fine, and is better than OSC and a wireless router or WAP, the cable is somewhat inconvenient I must admit. Since the announcement of Bluetooth LE and iOS 7, I’ve been meaning to add MIDI over Bluetooth support, but never got the chance. Today I was browsing through WWDC 2014 topics and discovered Core Audio updates which actually effortless allow MIDI over Bluetooth LE between iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 devices.

  • A Declension Game Idea (09 Feb 2015)
    On Friday I spoke about αბц, an alphabet learning application I created to help me learn the Georgian alphabet. However, αბц isn’t the only application I’ve designed to aid language learning, and Declinator is one such other example.

  • Swift for JavaScript Engineers: Simple Persistent Storage with plist (07 Feb 2015)
    This article describes a good approach for converting an XLS or CSV file into a PLIST (creates an array of dictionaries).

  • αბц - An Alphabet Learning Tool (06 Feb 2015)
    Last month I started learning the Georgian alphabet using this course on Memrise. However, one of my issues with this community-built course was that the Georgian letters were low-quality, pixelated images, while I longed for a way to practically test my knowledge of combinations of these letters in a non-intimidating manner.

  • FlappySwift (03 Jun 2014)
    Following Apple’s announcement yesterday of their new Swift programming language, here is a Swift implementation of Flappy Bird by auser.