Tag: Konjugator

  • Talk & Play #31 (29 May 2018)
    This evening I attended Talk & Play where I had Der Die Das available for testing, along with early prototypes of Konjugator and the (as of yet) untitled German-English translation game.

  • Konjugator Devlog #1 (19 Apr 2018)
    Over the last few days I’ve been working on Konjugator, a German verb conjugation game.

  • Update on Irish Verb Conjugation Game (26 Mar 2018)
    I just noticed that Geoglot Apps released Irish Verb Blitz, an Irish verb conjugation app last weekend. I haven’t tried the game myself, but presently it has only been downloaded about 5 times with no reviews. As they have a series of Verb Blitz games, I imagine they decided to release an Irish version as they’d only need to replace the database. The issue with this one-model for all languages approach is that the present conjugations are technically incorrect (brisim mé makes no sense, it is either brisim or bris mé). Also there is no reference to negation or questions (níor bhris mé, ar bhris tú?).

  • Irish Verb Conjugation Game (20 Jan 2018)
    Today I starting sketching ideas for an Irish Verb Conjugation game. From what I’ve seen, nothing of the kind exists for the Irish language. There are, for instance, books such as Collins Easy Learning Irish Grammar and the Verbix online conjugator, but no game for Android or iOS where one can learn/test their knowledge of verb conjugation as Gaeilge.

  • Determining an Algorithm for Conjugating Russian Verbs (contd.) (13 Jul 2015)
    Continuing on from Friday’s discussion of a basic algorithm to conjugate Russian verbs, today let’s discover how robust it actually is. Considering the verbs водить, делать, думать, ездить, жениться, жить, иметь, использовать and читать, we have the following output:

  • Determining an Algorithm for Conjugating Russian Verbs (10 Jul 2015)
    A few days ago I spoke about a game-application for testing the conjugation of Russian verbs, noting the need for either a large database of conjugated verbs, or an algorithm. Well today I investigated the feasibility of such an algorithm.

  • Aspector / Conjugator (29 Jun 2015)
    A few months back I spoke about Declinator, an application game for testing one’s command of the various noun and adjective declinations for Russian. Today I want to introduce Aspector and Conjugator, two impromptu applications I have just created.