Over the last few days I’ve been working on Konjugator, a German verb conjugation game.

Presently the game has four game modes:

  1. Conjugating a verb for a tense (Präsens or Präteritum) and a given Personalpronomen
  2. Given a Präfix verb, determine if it is tennbar or untrennbar
  3. Determine the perfekt (Hilfsverb und Partizip II) for a given verb
  4. Conjugating a verb for all Personalpronomen of a tense (Präsens or Präteritum)

The game will support the Indikativ Präsens, Präteritum and Perfekt tenses, with no plans to support Konjunktiv tenses. Indikativ Plusqamperfekt, Futur I and Futur II may be added in the future, as may Konjunktiv II (ich hätte, ich würde kaufen).

Another potential game idea would be Infinitiv (mit zu), but this is more or less the same principle as trennbar/untrennbar and thus is probably redundant.

Overall I feel that the game has potential and I like the UI design so hopefully I will have an early version available for testing in the future. Stay tuned for more info!