Between 19.03 and 15.04 Caoga caoga has been downloaded 127 times from the App Store and 262 from Google Play. Compared to the 58% to 42% download ratio in favor of the App Store from 01.03 to 18.03, this period was instead 33% to 67%. Thus there are clearly now more Android than iOS users, which roughly falls in line with the testing phase where Android had more than 50% testers than iOS.

Over this timeframe I haven’t undertaken any advertising nor posted anywhere about the game. In generally more people from Ireland and the UK have downloaded the game compared to the US. Maybe the game was mentioned on a blog or by a teacher during a class?

Territory Overview

Europe is now firmly leading the way on both iOS and Android:

Region iOS+/- Android+/-
Europe 61%+19% 57%+5%
North America 26%-24% 38%-4%

These values can be broken down even further by country:

Country iOS+/- Android+/-
United States 17%-23% 32%-5%
Ireland 31%+13% 29%+3%
United Kingdom 20%+3% 12%+1%
Canada 9%-1% 6%+1%
Germany 4%+1% 5%-2%
Australia 7%+1% 2%-

Device Overview

On iOS, 69% of downloads are for the iPhone, with 28% and 3% respectively for iPad and iPod, identical to the last post-mortem period. On Android almost all downloads are for phones.


Over the 46 days since release, Caoga caoga has been downloaded a total of almost 750 times on all platforms, hopefully 1,000 will be reached within the next month. However, with almost 400 downloads over the last month and not a single new review, I would be well served to release an update which prompts players to leave a review.