An application which explores localization in Xamarin.Forms.


Localization is achieved by using Multilingual Plugin where localizations are stored in .resx files and can be loaded by suppling a culture:

CrossMultilingual.Current.CurrentCultureInfo = new CultureInfo("en");
AppResources.Culture = CrossMultilingual.Current.CurrentCultureInfo;

The chosen localization is saved as a user setting, serialized to disk using Settings Plugin. The benefit of this plugin over, say the Properties Dictionary, is that this plugin uses the native settings of the target platform (i.e. UserDefaults on iOS, SharedPreferences on Android etc.) instead of serializing items to disk.


  • When importing the Plugin.Multilingual NuGet on Visual Studio for Mac, the file TranslateExtension.txt in /Helpers isn’t generated as noted in the base tutorial. Instead I manually created this file by using a template for their sample’s repo.


Multilingual Plugin

Settings Plugin

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