Tag: Xamarin

  • Introducing Alphabets (18 Mar 2019)
    Four years ago, I began learning the Georgian alphabet using a Memrise course. One of my issues with this community-built course was that the Georgian letters were low-quality, pixelated images, while I longed for a way to practically test my knowledge of these letters in a non-intimidating manner. I thus prototyped αბц, a simple alphabet learning application for iOS, and although the application served its purpose, I become busy with other projects and abandoned development.

  • Time to Flutter? (22 Feb 2019)
    At the start of the new year, I discussed the need to find a cross-platform solution to quickly prototype language learning games (which, for all extensive purposes, are apps). I settled on Xamarin, and over the last few weeks I’ve been steadily learning Xamarin.Forms to the point that I can now start working on a project.

  • Learning Xamarin #07: Autosize Label (16 Feb 2019)
    An application which explores autosizing a label in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Learning Xamarin #06: Basic Animations (09 Feb 2019)
    An application which explores basic animations in Xamarin.Forms by recreating the loading screen from Caoga caoga.

  • Learning Xamarin #05: ListView (02 Feb 2019)
    An application which explores the ListView in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Learning Xamarin #04: TableView (26 Jan 2019)
    An application which explores the TableView UI element in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Learning Xamarin #03: Localization (19 Jan 2019)
    An application which explores localization in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Learning Xamarin #02: Layouts (12 Jan 2019)
    An application which explores the different type of layouts in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Learning Xamarin #01: Hello World (05 Jan 2019)
    A Hello World application which explores Navigation in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Xamarin for Cross-Platform Language Learning Games (04 Jan 2019)
    Over the past two years I’ve prototyped, built and released numerous language learning games, for instance Caoga caoga, Der Die Das and Konjugator. As I professionally use Unity day-to-day, it made sense to build these Cross-Platform MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) as quickly as possible using Unity itself. However, as Unity is a games engine and these aforementioned games are all UI-based, Unity is completely overkill, as, for instance, the UI doesn’t need to be rendered 30/60 times per second!