An application which explores autosizing a label in Xamarin.Forms.


The ability for the system to autosize a label depending on text length is pretty fundamental, especially when considering localization. Coming from iOS Development and Unity, this is something I expected to be build into Xamarin.Forms, and was a little perplexed that I needed to invest so much time in reading docs, forms and inventually needing to roll my own solution.

Case #1

Consider that a label spans a single line. As the German string may be longer than the English string, the fontsize should automatically resize (scale-down) to fit all text on a single line.

Case #2

Consider that a label should maximize the font size (scale-up) so that the text takes up the full rectangular space.


For #1, we could use XamarinCommunityToolkit NuGet package with the LabelSizeFontToFit effect:

  <effects:LabelSizeFontToFit />

This method, however, will not scale up a font size, only down. Thus, to solve #2, I decided to adopt Charles Petzold’s generally approach of Empirically fitting text in Chapter 5 Dealing with Sizes of his book Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms into my own custom label.

DALabel extends Xamarin.Forms.Label and adds the following two methods:

/// <summary>
/// Autosizes the label's font size with regards to it's container size.
/// </summary>
private void AutoFontSize()
    //determine the text height for the min font size
    double lowerFontSize = 10;
    double lowerTextHeight = TextHeightForFontSize(lowerFontSize);

    //determine the text height for the max font size
    double upperFontSize = 100;
    double upperTextHeight = TextHeightForFontSize(upperFontSize);

    //start a loop which'll find the optimal font size
    while(upperFontSize - lowerFontSize > 1)
        //determine current average font size and calculate corresponding text height
        double fontSize = (lowerFontSize + upperFontSize) / 2;
        double textHeight = TextHeightForFontSize(upperFontSize);

        //if the calculated height is out of bounds, update max values, else update min values
        if(textHeight > Height)
            upperFontSize = fontSize; upperTextHeight = textHeight;
            lowerFontSize = fontSize; lowerTextHeight = textHeight;

    //finally set the correct font size
    FontSize = lowerFontSize;

/// <summary>
/// Determines the text height for the label with a given font size.
/// </summary>
private double TextHeightForFontSize(double fontSize)
    FontSize = fontSize;
    return OnMeasure(Width, Double.PositiveInfinity).Request.Height;

Now, whenever the label’s size is updated, the fontsize will be adjusted.

/// <summary>
/// Callback when the size of the element is set during a layout cycle.
/// </summary>
protected override void OnSizeAllocated(double width, double height)
    //call base implementation
    base.OnSizeAllocated(width, height);

    //update font size

Likewise, whenever the text itself is actually set, we can update the font size

/// <summary>
/// The label's text.
/// </summary>
new public string Text
    get { return (string)GetValue(TextProperty); }
    set { SetValue(TextProperty, value); AutoFontSize(); }

As an added bonus, MinFontSize and MaxFontSize properties can be added so that the min/max font size values can be specified in XAML.


Charles Petzold Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms

Charles Petzold Chapter 5. Dealing with Sizes

Xamarin Community Toolkit

Xamarin.Forms.Label Source

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