Idle Capitalist

An idle clicker game inspired by AdVenture Capitalist in which the player invests funds into certain businesses to generate revenue.

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What’s Included

  • Business, Manager, and Update data are stored as customs assets.
  • Modular approach in which new businesses, managers or updates can easily be added.
  • Player data is saved to disk (via Binary Serialization).
  • Localization implemented throughout.
  • Optimized assets (Sprite Packer).
  • iOS Launch Screen.
  • A complete write-up of the game design can be found in GameDesignDocument.pdf.

Play Online

The game can be played in the browser below:


Although the mathematics of idle games are quite complex, and game balancing wasn’t even considered due to time constraints, from an implementation point of view, Idle Capitalist is quite a well-functioning idle clicker. This prototype could easily be extended to form a full game.

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